Messi Joins the 700 Goal Club With panenka Penalty

Messi Joins the 700 Goal Club With panenka Penalty
Agencia de Noticias ANDES / CC BY-SA

On Tuesday, Lionel Messi scored the 700th goal of his football career with a panenka penalty. 

The ace player hit the country’s remarkable goal by chipping the football into the net while Jan Oblak tried his best but dived on the opposite side. 

The goal gave Barcelona 2-1, yet Atletico drew the match with 2-2. Messi’s penalty in Tuesday’s match was the 630th goal of his football career. 

The Argentina star started the game and opened for Barcelona. In the middle of the game, Costa stepped ahead to spot the kick to see Marc-Andre Ter Stegen save it. The kick had to be taken again as the Barcelona goalkeeper came off his boundary line. 

Further, Messi restored the game for Barcelona and achieved a benchmark with his cheeky Panenka penalty. 

Messi has scored 700 goals while netting 600th time for Barcelona, which is expected to tenfold his popularity, as a remarkable football player. As per a data report researched by Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, now Messi, comes under the seven players who have attained 700 goal benchmark. 

In the history of football, Josef Bican, a Czech Austrian player, leads this list by scoring 805 goals, followed by Romario, who scored 772, and then comes the maestro Brazilian player Pele who has 767 goals in his kitty. Other players who have joined the 700 goal club include- Gerd Muller, Ferenc Puskar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and now Messi. 

Messi has scored more than 40 goals in a year and chipped 50 or more in the past nine years. Till now, he has scored the maximum number of goals in 2012 by hitting 91 goals for his club and country. 

If Messi, 33, will continue to perform this way till 2022, then Bican’s official record could be in the dilemma of falling.