Mexican Healthcare Worker Hospitalized After Vaccine Administration

The COVID vaccine is undoubtedly one of the best things that everyone has heard about after the death wave in 2020. The only thing that is keeping everyone’s hopes high is the release of a stable vaccine that can combat the deadly COVID strain. However, the initial trials and administration of the vaccines are drawing suspicions towards their effectiveness and side effects.

A recent incident in Mexico saw a Doctor develop undesirable after effects after taking Pfizer's Covid Vaccine. The doctor, whose name has been carefully guarded, has taken the vaccine and developed symptoms like difficulty in breathing, skin rashes and seizures. She has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Northern State of Nuevo Leon for effective treatment.

The Doctor is 32 years old and voluntarily came forward to take the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine. The Health Ministry has released a statement to explain the sudden change in the doctor’s condition and they said it was ‘Encephalomyelitis’. This is a condition where the brain and spinal cord of the patient undergoes inflammation.

However, the Ministry was also quick to give an explanation to the announced disease. The Doctor has had a past history of allergic reactions with certain ingredients of formulations of other medicines as well and in no part of the clinical trials, it is proven that the vaccine can result in Encephalomyelitis. In fact, the vaccine gave clean results, without any anomalies and this case might just be one in a million scenario.

The main aspect of any vaccine is that it works differently in different bodies because the individual mechanisms differ. It also sometimes depends on the diet, lifestyle choices and the maintenance routine that a person follows. Post the hospitalisation, the healthcare providers worked to reduce the doctor’s discomfort and she is doing well now.

When the media reached out to Pfizer and BioNTech to give a statement about this incident, they remained unavailable to make any comments. More than 126,500 people have died after the COVID wave hit Mexico and the country began to distribute the COVID vaccines to its citizens since December 24. The healthcare workers and severely affected people are getting the vaccine first.