Minneapolis Cops Identifies ‘Umbrella Man’ Behind George Floyd Riots

Minneapolis Cops Identifies ‘Umbrella Man’ Behind George Floyd Riots

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After weeks of constant search, the Minneapolis police officers have identified a suspect who is believed to be behind initiating the riots after George Floyd’s killing case. 

As per the search warrant filed this week, the ‘umbrella man’ is in close collaboration with the “Aryan Cowboys,” whom the Anti-Defamation League listed as a street gang and white supremacists. 

Apart from this, the gang is a well “known prison gang out of Minnesota and Kentucky.” Source: Edition. The group is running a Facebook page actively on which they have mentioned that they don’t care “about a person’s color.” Source: Edition.CNN.

The news and media reports are not revealing the actual name of the suspect, as the cops have not filed any charges against him. 

Putting some light on the matter, John Elder, Minneapolis Police Spokesman, came forward and had a word with CNN on Tuesday. Elder said that the case “remains an open and active investigation.” Source: Edition.CNN. 

On May 27, the video of the ‘umbrella man’ went viral when protesters throughout Minneapolis started capturing him. The suspect has been seen smashing and damaging the windows of an AutoZone store. 

Taking the matter further on legal terms, a Minneapolis Police Arson Investigator, Sgt. Erika Christensen wrote and filed an affidavit in the court on Monday. The affidavit read- “This was the first fire that set off a string of fires and looting throughout the precinct and the rest of the city,” Source: Edition.CNN. 

Further, it stated- “Until the actions of the person your affiant has been calling ‘Umbrella Man,’ the protests had been relatively peaceful. The actions of this person created an atmosphere of hostility and tension. Your affiant believes that this individual’s sole aim was to incite violence.” Source: Edition.CNN. 

To investigate more about the case, CNN contacted the Aryan Cowboy group on social media. When raised questions regarding the ‘umbrella man,’ the group didn’t respond and blocked the CNN reporter immediately. 

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Source: Edition.com