Prime Minister Modi Urges to Pledge to Reform the Global Multilateral System

Prime Minister Modi Urges to Pledge to Reform the Global Multilateral System

While celebrating 75 years of the United Nations, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, urges all the participating countries to pledge to reform the global multilateral systems. 

On Friday, while giving the speech, Prime Minister Modi placed special emphasis on a multilateralism system that could help different nations meet the required aspirations of mankind. Further, he said that India believes and follows the path to attain prosperity and peace through multilateralism. 

Prime Minister Modi gave this speech while addressing a high-level committee of ECOSOC (the UN Economic and Social Council) session. The PM attended the international event through a video conference. 

PM Modi shared his views on multilateralism and said- “The United Nations’ 75th anniversary is the occasion to assess its role and relevance in today’s world. Multilateralism needs to represent the reality of the contemporary world. Only reformed multilateralism with the reformed UN at its centre can meet aspirations of humanity,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Further, he used this platform and opportunity to put some light on the COVID-19 pandemic and stated- “The United Nations was originally born from the furies of the Second World War. Today, the pandemic’s fury provides the context for the rebirth and reform of the United Nations. Let us not lose this chance.” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Addressing India’s efforts and contribution towards facing and defeating COVID-19, Prime Minister Modi said that India’s health industry had helped several countries to ensure a speedy recovery for its people. He highlighted the transformations made by the time of global peace body formation. 

The PM concluded his speech with an urge to accelerate the UN’s relevance and its effectiveness to transform it into new human-centric globalization. 

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Source: Hindustan Times