MS Dhoni Expected To Get A Permanent Seat At Wankhede Stadium

MS Dhoni Expected To Get A Permanent Seat At Wankhede Stadium

In order to commemorate the memory of MS Dhoni’s iconic winning sixer shot that made India win the 2011 World Cup, the Mumbai Cricket Association has proposed to name a few specific seats in the Wankhede Stadium after the ace player. 

MS Dhoni, the former Indian skipper who announced his retirement from international cricket on August 15, is the one who lifted the World Cup in 2011 for India after 28 years of long gap. 

As per reports, the decision of naming a few seats in Mumbai’s historic stadium after Dhoni has come out after the player announced his retirement. His iconic world cup winning-shot, heave over long-on, went viral on Saturday. 

On Monday, Ajinkya Naik, the Apex Council Member of the Mumbai Cricket Association wrote a letter to the MCA stating- “As an act of gratitude and tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s immense contribution to Indian cricket, the MCA can devote a permanent seat on his name at the stand where his famous World Cup-winning six had landed,” Source: Indian Express. 

The letter continued and read- “We can find out the area where the ball landed – and which seat it was flying to – after Dhoni smashed it to win the 2011 World Cup.” Source: Indian Express. 

This is the first time in the history of Wankhede Stadium that some of the seats will be named after a player. 

Naik’s letter continued- “We can paint and decorate the seat in a unique way to celebrate Dhoni’s association with historical Wankhede Stadium in Indian cricket history,” Source: Indian Express. 

“The seat could also be used as a major tourist attraction, like a paid tour of the stadium perhaps. It will allow the fans to relive the most glorious moment in Indian cricket, and it will be part of MCA’s heritage. We can have a plaque on that seat with some special text to honor that moment.” reads the letter—source: Indian Express. 

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Source: Indian Express