MS Dhoni Slammed For “Bullying” Umpire

MS Dhoni Slammed For “Bullying” Umpire

During Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020, cricket fans thumped icon Mahendra Singh Dhoni bullying umpire Paul Reiffel into changing an entire call during a game.

In the Tuesday match, there was an incident when Chennai Super Kings paceman Shardul Thakur bowled outside the off stump of Rashid Khan of Sunrisers Hyderabad batsman. The Umpire Paul Reiffel, who has played 35 Tests for Australia before retiring from the team, seemed to begin the signal for a wide both arms outstretched at shoulder height meanwhile Dhoni sprang opposing.

Paul Reiffel then appeared to alter his mind midway with the signal, and the ball passed down as valid in the crucial penultimate over of Hyderabad’s futile chase of 168.

The commentator Ian Bishop who was also a former West Indian international mentioned on the ESPN Cricinfo that Paul Reiffel had made a blunder. Explicitly was saying what happened in the field with Dhoni and how that made the umpire change his mind.

He also mentioned that it is actually very difficult and challenging for the umpire to react at that point of time and clearly Reiffel made a mistake.

David Warner, Captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad was also not happy with the decision that happened at the Dubai Stadium. 

The match is marked as Chennai Super Kings leap from the last two losses to win by 20 runs and to draw with Sunrisers Hyderabad on six points in the eight-team table.

With this win, Dhoni’s action still did not go well with cricket fans on social media. 

There were many tweets which stated the mockery of the game, how Dhoni bullied the umpire and even there were questions regarding weak umpiring as well.

In the previous year, Dhoni has already been fined 50% of his match fee following his actions to go into the field during a tense IPL game to defend an umpiring call.

According to the cricket laws, an umpire may be allowed to alter any decision if any alteration is made promptly.