Music Preview: What’s New in November? BTS, Miley Cyrus, and more

BTS, Miley Cyrus, and more

Image by John Feinberg

Smashing Pumpkins debuting their new album in November but wouldn’t it have been fun if this was released before Halloween? Never mind, any time of the year is fine when it’s Smashing Pumpkins. 

The alternative rockers are releasing ‘Cyr’ their 11th studio album on November 27th which is almost after two years of ‘Shiny and Oh So Bright Volume 1.’

Here is the list of the new arrivals that has got everyone excited

  1. This Thursday is going to be ‘Minefields’ from the Canadian-Moroccan rising star Faouzia along with John Legend. She also released “Stripped” earlier this year.
  1. The Australian singer, Kylie Minogue is all set to launch her latest album base in the 80s mixed with modern-day dance music called the ‘Disco’. It is going to be Minogue’s 15th album that is coming out on Friday.
  1. The longtime members of the band have reunited for the album ‘Power Up’ from AC/DC – Phil Rudd, Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Stevie Young and Cliff Williams. This is their first release since 2017 after guitarist Malcolm Young died.
  2. ‘Starting Over’ album from Chris Stapleton is already out, and fans don’t have to wait long for the rest as it is releasing on November 13th. The song is about his dog that died and also mentioned he wrote the song after losing her.
  1. It is the K-Pop year, and it’s second of 2020 ‘BE’ is ready to be released on November 20th. ‘Dynamite’ was their first complete English song that was released three months ago.
  1. After four years, Garth Brooks is releasing a fresh studio album ‘Fun’ on November 20th. He has been teasing his fans for quite some time.
  1. ‘Plastic Hearts’ from Miley Cyrus is all set to release her seventh studio album on Black Friday (November 27th).