Muslim Women Subjected to Sexual Abuse in China, Say Reports

Muslim Women China
Hiroki Ogawa, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to a BBC report that was published on Wednesday, Muslim Women who were residing in the detention camp for Ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in the Western Regions of Xinjiang were being subjected to sexual abuse and rape by several Chinese men. The BBC has said that based on the input gathered from many previous detainees and the security guard of the place, the women have experienced a series of systematic rape and sexual abuse incidents and the guard also affirmed the same. They were tortured and forced to do things that they didn’t want to and are strongly against doing.

The report stated that women were called out of the camps or taken forcefully and raped by either one or more Chinese men that were usually masked. Also, some of the women who were forcefully taken from the camp never returned back and remained missing. These camps are meant for both men and women who are detained there. The Government calls it a step to ‘re-educate’ the Uighur masses and the minority communities. 

Beijing strongly denied these claims and said that the camps were only there to occasionally train and educate the people to remove Islamic extremism. While countries like the US have expressed their views that this news is deeply depressing, Beijing held its ground that the accusations were completely baseless. It addressed the BBC Report and said that the information was being put out without any factual basis. They also stressed that the people BBC questioned were often accused as ‘Actors’ who spread out ‘False information’.

A State Department Spokeswoman from the US has come forward and said that it was depressing to hear first-hand accounts of such incidents happening in the camps. She has further stated that China has committed crimes against humanity and genocide and proper, stringent action has to be taken against these atrocities. 

Last year, a report submitted by German Researcher - Adrian Zenz has said that China indulged in disgusting activities like Forced sterilization, Forced abortions, and coercive Family planning against the Minority Muslims in the region.