Nag Anti-tank Completes Trials, Ready For Induction

Nag Anti-tank Completes Trials, Ready For Induction
Ajai Shukla, uploaded by User:Sniperz11, CC BY 2.5 IN, via Wikimedia Commons

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has announced during the early hours of Oct 22nd, that the Nag Anti-tank Missile has completed its 10 trials successfully and is ready for induction now. The final trial of the Nag Anti-Tank was done in the Pokhran Army range using a live warhead placed on a dud tank. A four-kilometre range missile was launched by the shoulder with an Infrared seeker for imaging. Now, Indian Amry would be inducting the tank.

The weapon spotting and hitting the target action was satisfactory and the consequent 10 trials showed improved results and no flaws. The DRDO is keen on missile testing for the past month and they’ve also tested Stand-off Anti Tank Missile with over 10km range on October 19. This test was done in the Balasore testing sector of Odisha. The test was conducted from the ground though the missile is expected to be a part of offense/ attack helicopters of the Indian Army.

India used to import this weapon from countries like Israel and Iran in the past but this successful trial has shown a new path for the country. They no longer have to rely on other countries to get this potential weapon in the future.  The lack of proper anti-tanks used compelled India to buy around 200 pieces of spike anti-tanks from Israel, especially when there was evident tension between the PLA of China and the Indian troops in the Ladakh region. This purchase was categorized under a ‘High Emergency purchase’ for the country. 

The PLA has gathered weapons like artillery, rockets, and defense tanks and situated them in the controversial Aksan Chin region, as an attempt to block and hold down the Indian army. As a safety measure and retaliation support, if required, anti-tanks will be a huge plus for the country’s heroes.