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PM Narendra Modi To Give Away Asia’s Largest Solar Power Project to India Today

PM Narendra Modi To Give Away Asia’s Largest Solar Power Project to India Today

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Today, Prime Minister Modi is about to give Asia’s most significant 750 MW Solar Power Plant Project to India. 

Recently, the PM inaugurated the Rewa Solar Power Project that generates renewable energy and reduces the amount of carbon emission. The PM has decided to launch this Solar Power Plant Project today. 

The Rewa project has been set up at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. 

As per a report by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Rewa’s Solar Power Plant Project incorporates three solar powers generating units, each with a minimum capacity of 250 MW. The project has been spread on a 500-hectare plot, situated in the Solar Park. 

Some Facts About the Project

  1. The project has been developed and spread over 1500 hectares. RUMSL (Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited) is behind the execution and planting of the project. 
  2. The state center provided funds of Rs. 139 crores to RUMSL for development purposes. 
  3. Once the development project started, RUMSL associated with- Mahindra Renewable Private Limited, ACME Jaipur Solar Power Private Limited, and Arinsun Clean Energy Private Limited to prepare the solar generating units. 
  4. This deal is all set to break the grid party barriers. This Rewa’s solar project has achieved the first year tariff of Rs. 2.97 per unit successfully. 
  5. Asia’s largest solar power project is expected to reduce the carbon emission to 15 lakh tons of CO2 annually. 
  6. The project has been appreciated for its robust structure and functioning throughout the world. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has highly recommended other states in India to follow its payment security mechanism to eliminate risks.
  7. This project has been involved in the PM’s “A Book of Innovation: New Beginnings.”  

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Source: Financial Express