NASA Mars Rover- Perseverance Robot Launches to Identify Life on the Red Planet

NASA Mars Rover- Perseverance Robot Launches to Identify Life on the Red Planet

Image of Launch to mission mars program

NASA’s Perseverance Robot left the Earth on a spaceship mission to analyze if there is any sign of life on Mars or not. 

After previous launches from China and UAE, NASA’s Perseverance is the third mission sent to Mars inside 11 days. The six-wheeled, one-tonne rover was launched from Florida by an Atlas rocket to intercept the Red Planet in February 2021. 

As per the reports, whenever NASA’s robot will land on the planet, it will gather the rock and soil samples. 

Jim Bridenstine, the Administrator told the reports that- “I’m not going to lie, it’s a challenge, it’s very stressful, but look – the teams made it happen, and I’ll tell you, we could not be more proud of what this integrated team was able to pull off here, so it’s very, very exciting,” Source: BBC. 

For the past few months, NASA has been treating this mission as their top-most priority, especially after the coronavirus pandemic started. The officials say it was important to let the Perseverance meet the deadline and expectations. 

When asked about the mission’s details, the principal investigator on the rover’s mast-mounted camera system, Jim Bell said- “We hope to capture some of the sounds of entry, descent and landing; and some of the sounds of driving around, merging that with the video we can take,” Source: BBC. 

While describing the overall role of the ingenuity helicopter in the mission, the officials of NASA said that this is an authentic technology demonstration. Continuing the speech, MiMi Aung, NASA’s Ingenuity Project Leader, “Today, we simply don’t use the aerial dimension in space exploration, but in future, we will,” Source: BBC. 

“They will be used, for example, in a scouting function. When humans arrive, or indeed future rovers, the rotorcraft will go in front and gather high-definition images of the way ahead,” She added.

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Source: BBC