NASA’s SpaceX Crew Returns Successfully

NASA’s SpaceX Crew Returns Successfully

Two astronauts from America have returned from the space station. It was the first commercial crewed mission to the International Space Station. 

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley came down in SpaceX Dragon Capsule in the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida Gulf Coast. To pick up the vehicle and further extricate the astronauts, a recovery vessel moved. 

The SpaceX Dragon Capsule touched the water at 14:48 EDT. 

As soon as the Capsule landed successfully, Hurley said- “It’s truly our honour and privilege,” Source: BBC. 

On this, the SpaceX mission control room said- “On behalf of the SpaceX and Nasa teams, welcome back to Planet Earth. Thanks for flying SpaceX,” Source: BBC. 

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been keeping a close watch on SpaceX by the time it was launched two months ago. As soon as the Capsule landed safely, Mr. Trump tweeted- “Thank you to all! Great to have NASA Astronauts return to Earth after very successful two-month mission.” Source: Twitter. 

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, applauded the incredible efforts of astronauts. He said- “We don’t want to purchase, own and operate the hardware the way we used to,” Source: BBC. 

The President of SpaceX Capsule, Gwynne Shotwell, said- “We want to be one customer of many customers in a very robust commercial marketplace in low-Earth orbit. But we also want to have numerous providers that are competing against each other on cost and innovation and safety, and really create this virtuous cycle of economic development and capability.” Source: BBC. 

Further, he continued- “Today is a great day. We should celebrate what we all accomplished here, bringing Bob and Doug back, but we should also think about this as a springboard to doing even harder things with the Artemis programme. And then, of course, moving on to Mars.” Source: BBC. 

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Source: BBC