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Netflix Price Rise: Streaming plan to $13.99, the premium to $17.99

Netflix Price Rise: Streaming plan to $13.99, the premium to $17.99

Image by Napoleon Schwan from Pixabay

After the pandemic made us stay at home and binge-watch, now that is also going up as Netflix revise its prices for streaming as well as premium plans. The cost to binge-watch Netflix is going up.

The most viable plan that includes two screens for the subscribers in high-definition has increased to #13.99, which used to be $12.99, an increase by a dollar for the new subscribers. Existing users will see a rise in the price in their upcoming monthly bill.

The premium plan was for $15.99, that includes four screens with Ultra HD revised to $17.99. The standard plan for one screen remains the same at $8.99.

Netflix said that the existing members would be notified through an email and also through the app notification in the next 30 days about the increase in price. It will be all the basis of the subscribers billing cycle, and accordingly, mails will be rolled out over the next two months.

It has been almost two years considering Netflix last raised its prices in the U.S. as Netflix recently increased prices in Canada this month.

The Netflix spokesperson cleared that this is not going to be a global change and also talked about that they give a varied range of offers as well as plans to choose from which works best with the users.

Netflix shares saw an increase in price by 4% after the announcement. With many interesting upcoming seasons which includes ‘The Crown’, remake of Alfred Hitchcock classics etc. makes it number one choice for people to binge-watch.

In a statement, Netflix said that there are more entertainment choices available than ever, but Netflix is totally committed to delivering a better experience for its members. The revision of the price will only continue to strive for them to be better and bring more variety of TV shows and films.