Netizens apologize to Maria Sharapova after Tendulkar makes remarks about Farmer Protests

Maria Sharapova and Sachin Tendulkar
British High Commission, New Delhi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many Netizens have flooded the walls of Maria Sharapova’s social media accounts, apologizing for their rude behavior in the year 2015. The sportswoman has mentioned in an interview that she was not aware of who ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ was and that attracted a lot of wrath from the Cricket god’s Fans. After Tendulkar tweeted about the Farmer’s Protests, many netizens from Kerala have sent messages and posted on the walls of Maria’s social media account, apologizing for their behavior and stating that she was right to not know Tendulkar.

Tendulkar along with other Indian Celebrities and Personalities has left a tweet opposing the interference of International celebrities and figures about the Farmers’ Laws. They have urged that the matter was internal and others should not intervene and comment about the issue when they have very limited information about the Indian internal affairs. They have further stated that India is a People’s Democracy and the issue will be resolved with peaceful dialogue.

These comments did not go down well with the Kerala citizens and they began criticizing their Favorite Cricketer for making remarks that ‘go against farmer protests’. They have apologized to Maria and several comments in ‘Malayalam’ were posted o her accounts. 

She tweets saying - “Anyone else got their years confused?” - referring to the 2015 incident when her social media pages were flooded with hate comments. 

Some netizens stated that they were sorry for abusing her in the past and that they were not aware of her ‘foresightedness’. Some said that Tendulkar deserved not to be known because he didn’t respect the sentiments of farmers. A netizen also apologized for ‘cyberbullying’ her and some even referred to her as ‘sister’. 

The Keralites have invited the International athlete to attend the famous Thrissur Pooram, a famous event in Kerala, after the COVID 19 situation will subside. It was surprising to see some people offer her ‘Shawarma’ and ‘Biryani’ as a token of apology for their past behavior. 

The comments and messages did astonish the Russian Tennis Player and people are in no mood to stop after Sachin Tendulkar’s Government pro tweets on his account. Other celebrities have received similar wrath after their tweets about ‘Foreign celebrity intervention’.