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New US H-1B Visa Rules, Indian Techies Likely To Be Hit

New US H-1B Visa Rules, Indian Techies Likely To Be Hit

Image by cytis from Pixabay

President Trump’s administration has announced new rules for immigration visas which are widely used by the technology firms, stating that this new system would give American workers a better opportunity. 

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security declared the new regulation for H-1B visas for highly skilled workers, which admit up to 85,000 immigrants yearly.

The primary reason to cut back the H-1B visas is to toughen wage-based entry, and foreign skilled workers as data indicate over 500,000 Americans have lost their jobs. The change in the H1-B visas rule will affect the technology sector, especially Indians.

According to the US government data, China and India have taken up a maximum share of the H-1 visas. Indian techies to get affected more as the data also states, India reckons for upwards of 70%, most times. 

Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli stated that the new rule in action will end up denying one-third of the applied H-1B visas.

With re-election around the corner and Trump detected COVID-19 positive had not helped his polls. With less than 30 days to go H-1B visa is going to hammer the business and is also troublesome for foreign workers. 

JP Morgan’s H-1B worker said that this has not come as a surprise for them, and salary requirements can be a game-changer for the government. Many H1-B holders expressed that this has happened earlier as well; Trump plays this card to win over local supporters.

The Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the US Department of Labor will together coordinate and monitor the things that are to be taken into consideration for foreign worker’s visas.

The Department of Labor’s amendments to minimum salary terms take effect October 8, and DHS’ H1B amendments will hit home in 60 days.