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Next 48 Hours Critical for Trump

Next 48 Hours Critical for Trump

Image by The White House

Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center after he was tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. Hospital officials said he is doing well, and his treatment to recovery has started, but an inside source revealed that the next 48 hours are crucial and the signs have been worrisome for the President.

Physician Sean Conley has stated that Trump is not having fever, cough or any kind of nasal congestion or fatigue which is a good sign. Trump is walking and is not receiving any extra oxygen as of now.

Another member of the medical team Sean Dooley said that Donald Trump’s cardiac function, kidney and liver function are being monitored and are normal.

Post this a familiar source said that the US President’s vitals over the last 24 hours which is very concerning and next 48 hours remains crucial for him, while the path to recovery is still unclear. 

There is no comment or confirmation on this from the White House.

Conley was equivocal when questioned whether the President had taken additional oxygen at any time after surrendering ill, just validating that he hadn’t taken any at the hospital or the day he was tested positive.

There is a possibility that he was on oxygen on Friday at the White House before heading to the hospital. 

Shortly later the President came to the hospital, Conley announced in a memorandum that the President was beginning a course of therapeutic drug remdesivir and had taken an eight-gram dose of an experiential polyclonal antibody cocktail.

Physician Sean Conley would not put a “hard date” on Trump’s demobilisation from the hospital or reveal the President’s temperature.

Among the optimistic evaluations from the White House, moreover, people adjacent to the President revealed they have tested positive for the COVID-19. 

“Going well, I think! Thank you to all. Love!!!” Donald Trump said in his initial tweet from the hospital late Friday.