No more WeChat and TikTok from Sunday?

No more WeChat and TikTok from Sunday?
Image by iXimus from Pixabay

On Friday, the official announcement stated that as of Sunday, several moves to distribute or manage WeChat or TikTok on an app store would be prevented. Those who have downloaded the app will be able to use the software, but no new download or update will happen.

Wilbur Ross Commerce Secretary said on September 18 morning that it will be challenging for the TikTok users to access any new updates and upgrades on the app.

The restriction on the WeChat app, owned by China’s Tencent is even more intense as it will be illegal to host or transfer internet traffic associated with the app, said the department. The same restriction will be implied on TikTok on November 12, it said. 

The administration has taken up the national security matter regarding the apps with Oracle and ByteDance (TikTok’s Chinese parent) to solve the concerns by November 12. After observing the workarounds of other apps, further restrictions will be declared.

The U.S. government in the initial court filings had suggested that the restriction would be limited on the TikTok and WeChat app keeping in mind that it doesn’t hurt the consumer as well as TikTok’s U.S. employees in any manner. The restriction won’t have any repercussions on the employees regarding layoffs, pay cuts and benefits that they get from the company.

On September 15, a separate filing was done in which the U.S. government forewarned that users will not be charged or given any penalties over the usage of the WeChat app, it has to be weakened over the anticipated policies.

Wilbur Ross Commerce Secretary also mentioned that once again, Trump has shown that national security is of utmost importance for him and protecting the American citizens from the perils of the Chinese Communist Party. He also mentioned that according to the President’s advice, they have already taken action to keep a tap and also to combat any suspicious, malicious collection of citizen’s data by China.