North Korea orders ‘shoot to kill’ to stop Coronavirus

North Korea orders ‘shoot to kill’ to stop Coronavirus

Kremlin.ru / CC BY

Where the Coronavirus cases have been reported to be on a rise, North Korea claims that there are no found traces of Coronavirus within their borders. China is its neighboring country that has been the cause of the pandemic and now the count all over the world has reached to be more than 28.5 million.

North Korea Closed Border since January 

The capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang sealed its border with its neighbouring country China since January in an attempt to stop the Coronavirus from penetrating the country and it is extensively assumed that the poverty-stricken North’s decaying health system will grapple to fight with a larger Coronavirus outbreak. North Korea in the month July said that it has advanced its state of emergency to the supreme level and forthwith shoot-to-kill is declared to be in the station at North Korea’s border.

Trouble because of the shutdown

Due to the shutdown at the borders, Commander Robert Abrams (USFK) says there is an increase in smuggling goods and seeking the authorities to intrude in the situation. North Korea has introduced a novel buffer zone that is around 1 or 2 km near the China border, said Abrams in an online interview which was organized by CSIS in Washington on Thursday, September 10. The closing of the border has definitely affected the economic sanctions of the nuclear programs with the imports that were happening from its neighboring country China by 85%.

The country in isolation is also fighting with the consequence of the Typhoon Maysak where 2000 houses were destroyed as reported by the state media.

As Donald Trump is endeavouring reelection in November, was the primary convening US leader to engage with a member of the Kim dynasty who have ruled the country since ever it came into existence. A new North Korean missile 

On Thursday, 10th September Trump also tweeted about Kim Jong-un showing concern about its health and that not to underestimate the power he has.