NSA Ajit Doval and Wang Yi Had a 2-hours Video Call Before PLA Stepped Back From Borders

NSA Ajit Doval and Wang Yi Had a 2-hours Video Call Before PLA Stepped Back From Borders
Image by Jim Mattis / Public domain, Foreign and Commonwealth Office / CC BY

On Sunday, NSA Ajit Doval and Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister and State Council, had a 2 hours long video call focusing on “full and enduring restoration of peace and tranquility” on the Line of Control. 

Reports say that both parties shared their views on working together to eliminate such tensed incidents in the future. 

Soon after the video call ended, an external affairs ministry released a statement saying that both (Ajit Doval and Wang Yi) had “a frank and in-depth exchange of views on the recent developments in the Western Sector of the India-China border areas.” Source: Hindustan Times 

The statement continued- “They agreed that it was necessary to ensure at the earliest complete disengagement of the troops along the LAC and de-escalation from India-China border areas for full restoration of peace and tranquillity. In this regard, they further agreed that both sides should complete the ongoing disengagement process along the LAC expeditiously,” Source: Hindustan Times 

The ice-breaking virtual meeting’s impact started to be visible soon after the People’s Liberation Army started to move around a kilometer away from the Galwan Valley Border. This was the same place where both the armies (Indian and Chinese Forces) had a face-off on June 15. 

The violent and damaging face-off led to a war-like situation between the two neighboring nations, but now, the circumstances seem to be improving. Soon after this, the Modi Government decided to ban 59 most-used Chinese apps in India, including- TikTok, UC Browser, Shein. Reports say China was driving a hefty amount out of these apps being preferred and used by Indians. 

However, raised tension on the border has been eased, yet the authorities of both the nations have not come up with any official statement yet. 

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Source: HindustanTimes