Nuggets Creates NBA History in Game 7

Nuggets Creates NBA History in Game 7
Source Twitter / @nuggets

Denver Nuggets created history by six consecutive victories in the 2020 NBA playoffs. In the Western Conference semifinals, Nuggets’ fantastic postseason run saw success (104 -89) over Clippers on September 15 in Florida.

Game in depth

  • Nikola Jokic, Denver center was stately with a triple-double masterpiece: 22 rebounds, 16 points, and 13 assists, two steals, and three blocks. Jokic is now 3-1 in Game 7s with two triple-doubles.
  • Jamal Murray had 40 points, Gary Harris had 14 as well as Jerami Grant had 14 points.
  • Denver trailed the LA Clippers with 10:50 left on the timer in the third quarter. (61-54) 
  • With 8:48 left, Murray dropped in a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter, Denver had a lead of 89-75.
  • With 2:10 left, Jerami Grant’s dunk in the game which puts Denver ahead by 100-80. 
  • The second half was all Nuggets, outscoring the Clippers by 50-33.
  • Leonard had 14 points, George with 10 points, and Montrezl Harrell led the Clippers with 20 points.
  • Clipper went a combined 10-for-38 shooting.

Doc Rivers, Clippers coach, was very appreciative of Denver’s performance and also agreed that they had dominated the game in many ways. With this victory, it is very evident that the Nuggets have been working hard and have proved to be the better team. 

Michael Malone Nuggets Coach had said earlier that it is familiar territory for them and looks promising for them. Later said that in the last two years they have been going through 4 rounds and all have gone to the 7th game.

It has happened only 12 times in the history of NBA playoffs. 

Denver became the first team to eliminate a 3-1 deficit and win the series twice in the same postseason.