Olympic Committees Point Out Abuses in Japanese Sports

Olympic Committees Point Out Abuses in Japanese Sports’

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

On Thursday, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) said that Bach held a teleconference with Yasuhiro Yamashita, JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee) Chief, about the changes to be made in the future.

The virtual meeting took place between the chiefs of both IOC and JOC, Thomas Bach, and Yasuhiro Yamashita, respectively. The major goal of the meeting was to discuss eliminating abuse from Japanese sports. This matter came into light after HRW (Human Rights Watch) filed a damning report on this. 

IOC said- “Both Presidents stressed the determination of their organizations to fight against any form of abuse,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

The report was titled- “I Was Hit So Many Times I Can’t Count” Source: Hindustan Times. 

The report illustrated Japan’s history of physical punishment in the sports world, including first-hand accounts from athletes. The HRW damning report’s timing has been considered poignant as Japan was bracing to hold the SOG (Summer Olympic Games) in Tokyo at the end of the year.

To give an explanation on this, JOC released a statement- “In light of incidents in the past, various efforts have been made to eliminate abuse in the sports world,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

It continued- “Together with each NF (National Sporting Federation) and other relevant bodies, the JOC will continuously exert the utmost effort to revert to the fundamental understanding of wiping abuse from elite sports activities.” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Back in 2013, the Japanese Olympic Committee ensured to take necessary steps to eliminate violence among sports federations. This happened after an internal survey revealed that around 10% of athletes had become the victim of harassment and bullying. 

By then, a new governance code has been released for all sports organizations established in Japan, but according to the HRW, this is not enough to bring a required change. 

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