Owing to COVID, South Africa closes its borders

The South African president has announced that the country will be closing its borders from neighbors, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, owing to the increasing threat by the new strain of COVID 19. The severe congestion has led to quite an imbalance. The rules around the border are taken after a few people from the neighboring countries tried to enter South Africa despite the lockdown put in place. Thousands of such cases have been seen in the past fortnight. 

President Cyril Ramaphos announced the news on a National broadcast that the decision to establish Level 4 restrictions is being taken after increased cases and infections. With the new strain lingering around, the authorities feel that tight and stringent rules are the only ways to reduce the infection from spreading. Because of the festive season, people are returning home and then returning to get back to work. WIth the movement, the exposure is high and as a result, more infection cases and deaths have been reported.

The President announced that the current Level 3 restrictions will stay in place until the government sees it fit to become lenient in some of the imposed rules. Currently, there is a ban on sale and movement of alcohol, public gathering is prohibited except for funeral gatherings. Even at funerals, stringent rules, masks and precautions have to be taken without fail.

“The Corona virus is much deadlier than we had known and we are currently in the center of that storm” President Cyril said during the broadcast.  The president added that people were arriving without the COVID proofs and as people gathered in large numbers, it is getting difficult for the authorities to conduct proper checks. To reduce the spread of infection, the 20 land ports of entry that are at the moment open will be closed and unavailable until 15th of February. 

The general entry and departure will be strictly stopped. There are exceptions to this - serious medical attention, departure of other foreign nationals, return of South African citizens with proper COVID proofs and transport of fuel and cargo will continue.