Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray transfer 13 IAS officials

In an attempt to have bureaucrats in the local bodies and state-run corporations, the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray has transferred 13 highly efficient IAS officers to different sectors. Read more news here!

Samsung CEO Lee Kun-Hee Breaths His Last

The Samsung Electronics CEO breathed his last on Sunday and he was 78 years old. He was hospitalized in 2014 after a heart attack and all the operations and decisions regarding the company were being taken by the de facto company chief...Read more here!

61% Indians Are Doubtful About Taking COVID Vaccine – Say Polls

The world is eagerly waiting for a solution to the wide-spreading COVID 19 pandemic. The lockdowns were quite effective to curb down on the drastic infection spread but now people are getting used to the ‘New Normal’. Here complete news!


2020 is proving to be very challenging as the days go on. On one side, there is the COVID pandemic and all other negative news is slowly killing the morale of people. Adding to the news of sadness is a recent plane crash in the US. Read more here!

Europe Sees COVID Infection Rise – Germany Releases Travel Warnings

The pandemic is taking a dangerous turn in the European countries and the authorities are finally taking note of it. With the increasing spread of infection and registered cases, Germany imposed travel restrictions on its citizens. Read further here!

Joaquin Pheonix To Play Napolean Bonaparte In Ridley Scott’s Kitbag

The Oscar-winning actor, Joaquin Pheonix is known for his versatile acting, strong screen presence, and a very impactful performance that leaves the viewers in a daze even after the credits start to roll. Read further here!

IPL 2020 : Vijay Shankar Finishes In Style With A Half-century, Calls It A ‘do Or Die’ Game

Hyderabad player, Vijay Shankar had a splendid game against Rajasthan Royals on 22nd October and finished the game with a boundary - leaving at 52 (51) not OUT. Read full news here!

Katrina Kaif Shines In A Printed Floral Short Dress In Instagram Post

Compared to other Bollywood Divas, Katrina Kaif is relatively new to the social media platform - Instagram. But she leaves no table unturned when it comes to levelling up the fashion game. Read further here!

Edward Snowden Gets Permanent Russian Residency

The U.S Citizens had to endure some inconvenience and entered the ‘panic mode’ when the public privacy and security of the nationals were under question. Read full news here!

Bayern Munich Opens Title Defeating Atletico Madrid – Kingsley Coman Shines In The Victory Environment

Kingsley Coman, the winger of Bayern Munich, scored 2 out of 4 goals in a match with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Read full coverage here!