Sunday, December 6, 2020
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A Banner Flown Above the Etihad Stadium Embarrassed Burnley

On Monday, when a football match was going on against Manchester City, Burnley felt extremely ashamed witnessing an airship flying a banner stating "White Lives Matter Burnley" in Etihad Stadium. Read more here!

Corona Warning: The Virus May Leave Many with Permanent Lung Damage

As per doctors, coronavirus is one such deadly virus which even after cured can leave a lung scarring in the human body. Read more here!

China Launched its Final Satellite in BeiDou-3 Navigation System Successfully

On Tuesday’s morning, China launched the final satellite into the orbit. With this, China displayed that it does not require to rely on GPS (Global Positioning System) anymore. Read more here!

The Japanese Supercomputer is helping to Fight Coronavirus in an Interesting Way

Fugaku- is a supercomputer installed at the Center for Computational Science in Kobe. This supercomputer is helping to Fight Coronavirus in an Interesting Way. Read more here!

Indian Tech Companies May Not Like the New U.S. Visa Law

Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump has suspended all the highly-skilled workers' visa applications until the end of 2020. Read more here!