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Paris Hilton Leads Protest Outside Utah Boarding School Where She Was Abused

Paris Hilton Leads Protest Outside Utah Boarding School Where She Was Abused

Steve Bozak

On Friday, Hilton organized a protest in a park near Provo Canyon School with several hundreds of others who have similar stories of a troubled life and abuse at the boarding school in Utah.

Paris Hilton has alleged Utah boarding school where she has suffered abuse while studying there in her childhood and wants the school to close down.

Hilton has launched a new campaign to shed light and compel others to come out towards this corrupt industry that handles parents and traumatizes juvenility. The reality TV star and a socialite was wearing a black t-shirt with ‘survivor’ written in red at the back, and on the front, it read ‘breaking code silence’.  Before she had come out saying that her teenager had been verbally, emotionally as well as physically abused in the school.

Last month “This is Paris” documentary titled was released where celebrities spoke about their experiences at school or similar to it which includes Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson and tattoo artist Kat Von D.

Hilton made statements that connected with the crowd at the protest. She said that the trauma is something which no one wants to believe has happened for real. She also stated her state of mind and how she dealt with it for years.

The school has a new administration and ownership which said they couldn’t comment on anything that had happened prior and also the time when Hilton was a student here. 

The owners of the Utah boarding school declined to comment on Friday. In a previous statement, they have said pointing to the website that the previous owner had sold the school to them in 2000.

The school strives to encourage youth who have grappled in typical home and school situations, some of whom are dealing with drug addiction or acting out abruptly, according to their website.