People Reactions to Kanye West Conceding the US Elections

Kanye West Conceding the US Elections

Image by John Miller

Kanye West has been trending on Twitter since yesterday after following the US presidential election which has more twists and turns than any suspense movie at the moment made him go on Twitter and declare that he has conceded defeat as a presidential candidate. He also showed his dismay and said WELP KANYE 2024 on his Twitter with a picture against the map that shows election results in the background.

After this Kanye West was trending on Twitter and fans, users started consoling him on losing the election and acknowledging him for trying and can’t wait for him to see in the next election etc.

There were several memes, videos and gifs circulated on Kanye West and the presidential election in the US.

On the polling day, Kanye had posted a pic showing that he has voted for himself saying that he is voting for someone he truly trusts. There were several memes showing at least he got his own vote went viral on Twitter.

There were many reactions to the fact that Kanye West voted for himself also provoked many reactions.

Post the night of the vote counting, Kanye West had passed over 60,000 votes in the presidential election of the US. He was on the ballot in 12 states in all. The total number has been 60,761 as per Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. 

Kanye West’s updated state-by-state breakdown is as follows, according to the Associated Press:

  • Tennessee: 10,216
  • Minnesota: 7,789
  • Kentucky: 6,259
  • Colorado: 6,254
  • Oklahoma: 5,590
  • Louisiana: 4,894
  • Utah: 4,344
  • Arkansas: 4,040
  • Idaho: 3,631
  • Mississippi: 3,277
  • Iowa: 3,202
  • Vermont: 1,265

Most of the states in question were above 90% counted, with the renowned exceptions of Utah, Colorado, Vermont and Mississippi. Those are so far all above 70% estimated.