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PM Modi Supports Local Toy Industry; Urges People To Encourage Local Products And Apps

PM Modi Supports Local Toy Industry; Urges People To Encourage Local Products And Apps

Alan Santos/PR / CC BY

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, said that it’s high time when Indians must come together and promote the local industry. He told entrepreneurs must come forward and bring some improvement in “toys and games, for India and of India.” Source: Times of India. 

To meet these industries’ basic demands, the PM has increased its share in the global toy business by 7 lakh crore. 

Apart from toys, Modi spoke over local apps’ usage and said Indians must initiate their efforts to promote local apps and stand by the nation in these tough times. 

While speaking about the newly developed and launched apps in India, he mentioned apps like- StepSetGo, Zoho, FTC, Chingari, Koo, Kutuki, etc. 

PM Modi said- “Friends, be it virtual games, be it the sector of toys in the self-reliant India campaign, all have to play a very important role, and therein lies an opportunity too. A hundred years ago when the non-cooperation movement started, Gandhiji had written that the non-cooperation movement is an effort to make countrymen realise their self-respect and their power,” Source: Times of India. 

Highlighting the Atmanirbhar Bharat app, Modi said that the seed was sown in the form of a non-cooperation movement, and now it’s the responsibility of all Indians to turn it into a giant banyan tree. 

Further, he said- “We can do two things through toys, bring back the glorious past in our lives, and also spruce up our golden future. To my startup friends, to our new entrepreneurs, I say, team up for toys. For everybody, it is the time to get vocal for local toys,” Source: Times of India.

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