President Passed Farm Bills Between Drama In Parliament

President Passed Farm Bills Between Drama In Parliament

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The states that are known as the grain bowl of the country, Punjab and Haryana were protesting over the farm bills, since last week.

The three controversial farm bills which include selling directly to private buyers, written contracts and removing restrictions had become the talk of the political town. It also cost BJP, the ruling party its association with Shiromani Akali Dal due to the signing of the law on September 27 by the President Ram Nath Kovind.

The agriculture sector’s reforms are very historical and have been affecting the farmers in the 21st Century that will help them get a better price for their produce and help them grow with time.

The opposition had made many points indicating not to sign the bills.

After an uproar, two of the bills were passed in parliament after reconsideration last week in Rajya Sabha.

Also alleged that violation of rule took place as the bills were pushed via voice vote and claimed that physical voting would not have been in the favour.

The opposition accused Harivansh Singh, Deputy Chairman for conspiring with the government as he was leading over the proceedings.

But the demands of the opposition for physical voting was negated as members were not available at their seats.

Mr Singh and the government have said the opposition demands for physical voting were negated as the members were not in their seats while making the demand.

The new law that bypasses the wholesale makers will enable the farmers to trade straight with big corporations for the sale of produce and also enable pre-harvest contracts.

The government also said that the bills, which will supersede the laws issued by the government in the month of June, will aid farmers to increase their income and save them from the interference of intermediaries.

Farmers of the two states have been protesting over a few weeks that the directives are “anti-farmer” and have demanded a change in the law. Even on Friday, Farmers held extensive protests across the two states, and other state farmers also joined in from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.