President Trump Block Ways For Huawei To Get US Chip Technology

President Trump Block Ways For Huawei To Get US Chip Technology

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns on flickr CC 2.0

As a part of additional security tiers, the Trump administration has tightened the restrictions on China’s giant company Huawei by cutting off all the mediums to let Huawei have access to any of the US technology components. 

On Monday, at least 38 affiliates of Huawei were added to the list of companies that have been banned from accessing sensitive technologies. With this, the commerce department of the United States has put an end to an exemption allowing several Huawei customers to continue using software and equipment. 

On Monday, President Donald Trump had a word with Fox News where he discussed this matter, shared his opinion and plans. During the conversation, he told reporters that- “We don’t want their equipment in the United States because they spy on us,” Source: Deccan Chronicle. 

Further, he continued and stated- “And any country that uses it, we’re not going to do anything in terms of sharing intelligence.” Source: Deccan Chronicle. 

Last year, Washington quitted Huawei’s access to the US components and a set of technologies, including- Google’s music and several other smartphone services. Those restrictions were tightened in May when the Trump administration barred global vendors from using any of the US components to produce technology components for a Chinese brand like- Huawei. 

On Monday, Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary, told the Fox News reporters that- “The new rule makes it clearer than any use of American software or American fabrication equipment to produce things through Huawei is banned, and requires a license,” Source: Deccan Chronicle. 

“It’s really a question of closing loopholes to prevent a bad actor from access to US technology, even if they try to do it in a very indirect, very tricky manner,” Ross added. Source: Deccan Chronicle. 

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Source: Deccan chronicle