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President Trump Signs An Order To Ban Transactions With TikTok’s Owner ByteDance

President Trump Signs An Order To Ban Transactions With TikTok’s Owner ByteDance

Image by Solen Feyissa on flickr and Michael Vadon / CC BY-SA

After several days of debate and discussion on TikTok’s ban, finally, the United States president has signed an executive order to stop any transactions with ByteDance. 

ByteDance is TikTok’s parent company, with US $20 billion revenue generated in 2019. The company has been founded by Zhang Yiming and is headquartered in Beijing, China. 

The signed executive order reads- the US “must take aggressive action against the owners of TikTok to protect our national security”. Source: BBC. 

According to the order, any transactions from the United States with ByteDance will be prohibited. The order will be beginning in 45 days. 

On the contrary, TikTok completely denied controlling or sharing any data with the Chinese government. 

In the late hours of Thursday, he issued a follow-up executive order, which will be taking similar actions on another Chinese app, WeChat. This app has been owned by Tencent. 

While signing the executive order, Mr. Trump said that he has found “additional steps must be taken to deal with the national emergency with respect to the information and communications technology and services supply chain”. Source: BBC. 

Further, he continued, “The spread in the United States of mobile applications developed and owned by companies in the People’s Republic of China (China) continues to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.” Source: BBC. 

At last, he referred to Chinese apps as a “threat.” 

The President made some remarks on TikTok and said that such apps would allow China to track the US government employees’ data and later may use it for blackmail or to conduct corporate espionage. 

So far, TikTok has more than 80 million active users in America. The app is widely used by users under 20. 

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Source: BBC