Pret A Manger All Set To Say Goodbye To 3000 Employees

Pret A Manger All Set To Say Goodbye To 3000 Employees


Pret A Manger is an international sandwich shop headquartered in the United Kingdom. This globally recognized food chain is all set to cut its workforce as a part of their business plans to survive in the future. 

As per reports, this UK giant has taken this decision after bearing severe loss in the pandemic. 

Pret A Manger is to wave off 3000 employees from their payrolls in the upcoming time. As its support center, the 90 roles will also be lost soon and some jobs and sandwich shops. 

Earlier to the pandemic, the brand announced to close more than 30 stores permanently in the summer. 

On this, the CEO of Pret A Manger, Pano Christou, said that he was “gutted” to lose his colleagues and workforce. 

Further, Christou said- Although we’re now starting to see a steady but slow recovery, the pandemic has taken away almost a decade of growth at Pret. We’ve managed to protect many jobs by making changes to the way we run our shops and the hours we ask team members to work.” Source: BBC. 

He continued and added- “I’m hopeful we’ll be able to review all these changes now that trade is improving again.” Source: BBC. 

Due to the pandemic, like other retailers and food franchises in the world, Pret was compelled to close and suffered severe loss. However, Pret’s more than 367 stores in the United Kingdom are still open and running well like before. As a precautionary measure for corona spread, Pret stores have been asked to reduce the store opening time duration and staff members too. 

While unraveling more about the business’s current situation, Pret’s spokesperson said that the weekly sale in August was somewhere in between £5.2m. 

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