Prince William Appreciates Signing of “Mentally Healthy Culture”

Prince William Appreciates Signing of
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The Duke of Cambridge considers the signing of a “mentally healthy culture” as a remarkable decision towards improving the quality of life for people. 

Prince William said- “For the first time, there is a collective game plan to make mental health the top part in the game” Source: Sky Sports. 

The Prince said that officials, players, and managers have a “collective game plan” to deal with the current health issue. 

The Duke’s Royal Foundation has been standing behind the signing of documents by leagues, organisations and government bodies throughout U.K football. 

Regarding the same, a video has been released on ‘Mentally Healthy Football’. In the video, Prince William can be seen saying- “I’m delighted to announce that today the entire football system across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, have united around a common goal, to develop a mentally healthy culture across the game by signing a landmark mentally healthy football declaration.” Source: Sky Sports. 

He continued- “Football is a team sport. For the first time, there is a collective game plan to make mental health the top part of the game.” Source: Sky Sports. 

The Duke of Cambridge is the president of the Football Association in the U.K. and said that he aims to develop a culture where all are associated with sports “are encouraged to stay on top of their mental fitness, just as they do their physical fitness”, Source: Sky Sports. 

Further, he added- “Not only will this benefit future generations, who work and play within the game, but it will also send a clear message to football’s millions of fans about the importance of mental health.” Source: Sky Sports. 

On this, the Chairman of the Heads Up Campaign, Godric Smith, said- “There has been fantastic leadership from every part of football on mental health this season and today’s declaration cements the huge culture change underway in the game.” Source: Sky Sports. 

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Source: SkySports