PUBG Mobile India Returns After the Ban

PUBG Mobile India Returns After the Ban

The Mobile developers of PUBG announced yesterday that they are planning to launch a new game which will be named PUBG Mobile India, especially for the Indian players. After the ban in September 2020 by the Indian administration just when they had announced that it would not extend the authorization to Shenzhen-based Tencent Games of the PUBG Mobile franchise in India. 

Starting from October 30, it was announced that access for the users would be terminated and the game would still be running on those devices which have installed it on their iOS and Android devices.

PUBG Corporation has announced that it is planning to start a new game named PUBG Mobile India that has been created especially for the Indian market keeping all the norms in mind.  The game will give data safety for its device owner and also adhere to the bounded ordinances. PUBG Corporation declares there will be periodic verifications and audits on the storage systems so as to be sure that the personal data of Indian users are kept safe. 

They also plan on setting up an office locally and even hire more than 100 employees to improve services and communications with their users. They have further plans to leverage collaboration with local businesses to enhance their gaming services, and that will help connect more with the players.

The developers have said they are very much interested in improving the game according to the Indian market and which will reflect the local needs and that will help the game to connect better. These developments will also include a realistic simulation exercise, apparel on new characters, and green hit effects alternatively of red. A new feature will also be added to restrict younger players from the game. 

The parent company Krafton and PUBG Corporation are proposing to make over Rs. 746 crores investments in India.