Putin Wins Again; Will Remain in Power Till 2036 Now

Putin Wins Again; Will Remain in Power Till 2036 Now
Image Source from en.kremlin.ru

Once again, the Russians have shown their support and faith in Vladimir Putin. Recently, Russians voted via a landslide required to pass the constitutional changes. These alterations will allow Putin to continue his presidentship until 2036. 

The official preliminary results came out on Thursday at 2:50 A.M., disclosing the votes of 78% Russians in Putin’s favor. Only 21% of people voted against Putin. This made the total turnout of 65% approximately. 

In 2024, the reforms will reset Putin’s term limits to zero to allow him to continue his presidentship for another two six-years tenure. 

The moment this decision came out in the wee hours of Thursday, the opposition parties said Putin is trying to be the “President for life.” On the other hand, Putin denied these claims. 

Election’s results were not in doubt as several copies of Russia’s new constitution were put on sale before the results. 

Despite corona pandemic circumstances, the voting took place by setting up polling stations in outdoor locations like public parks. Soon as the voting process ended, there were reports claiming voters were pressured to step out and vote to boost the turnout. 

Alexander Gorovoy, the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, said- Russia issued 5,00,000 new passports and 29,000 temporary certifications to let more and more people vote. 

One of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny referred to the results as “fake and an enormous lie” and called the votes “invalid, illegal.”

Further, he said- “We will never recognize this result.”

CEC (Russia’s Central Election Commission) said- the department has received more than 7,196 complaints from citizens on the voting process and results. Out of them, 591 complaints have been registered on election day. 

Earlier, the voting was supposed to occur in April, which was delayed due to the corona pandemic. 

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News Source @ BBC