Quarantine Puts India-Australia T20I Series in Doubtful Clouds

Quarantine Puts India-Australia T20I Series in Doubtful Clouds
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The Indian cricket team is all set to visit Australia for the T20I series at the end of 2020. The same time schedule has been decided for another series. 

The 14-days quarantine time decided for the Indian cricket team has clashed with another cricket series to be played at the same time. 

On this, Nick Hockley, the Cricket Australia Chief Executive, said that the 14-day quarantine period is well defined for the Indian cricket team. The rules have been made and imposed, keeping the government regulations in mind. The cricket series schedule needs to be rescheduled as there is no space for the T20I series as per the present series scheduled. 

When asked to comment on the match schedule, the officials said- “The protocols in place in Australia are necessary on account of the pandemic, and it’s perfectly understandable. There are no two ways about that. We are all dealing with the challenges that the pandemic poses to us and the commitment with other boards regarding dates is a challenge that will prove difficult to meet in these circumstances and accordingly the dates and length of the tours may need to be tweaked, and that may mean amending the number of matches. A 14-day quarantine means it would get reduced from the total length of the tour,” Source: Times of India. 

Further, they stated- “We were apprised that work is being done on the schedule before it is finalised. They are looking at fitting in the T20I series. India also play England after returning from Australia and that schedule is also being worked out while the pink-ball Test is fixed for Ahmedabad. We need to see how the other venues are placed and the distance from hotels to the grounds and things like that with an eye on the current scenario due to the pandemic. Hopefully, we will have further clarity before the end of the year as working in tandem with the government is a must.” Source: Times of India. 

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Source: Times of India