Racism to Blame: Asian Americans in San Francisco are dying from COVID-19

Racism to Blame: Asian Americans in San Francisco are dying from COVID-19
© Alice Wiegand

According to the experts, the positivity rates among the Asian American present in San Francisco will be higher than what has been reported as 12%. A by-product of the decades-in-the-making model minority myth, which describes this ethnic society as financially successful, upwardly mobile and physically healthy. This faith has created sections of the Asian American culture to be overlooked when it gets to social assistance for protection, work and well-being. 

San Francisco is one of the several places in the nation tracing data on Asian Americans and coronavirus deaths at a rate when government officials don’t know the ethnicity of the person hit in approximately half of the country’s 7.8 million COVID-19 cases. About 17 million Americans are of Asian origin or 5.6% of the residents.

The Asian Americans within the city have got imprecise or no knowledge in their local language about the examination, protection tips, housing and significant additional care aids throughout the coronavirus pandemic. At the same moment, the community is also struggling with low access to general health care, the obligation to retain the front-line job and increasing occurrences of anti-Asian hatred scandals.

The executive director of the Southeast Asian Development Center, Judy Young runs a nonprofit organisation in San Francisco helping residents from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and also says that 805 of her clients lost their job in the service industry due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the language barrier, their community is limited to small, and the city doesn’t care about their problems.

The risk of invisibility has caused an increase in the positive count in the areas like ChinaTown and officials do not break down coronavirus stats beyond Asian American. Many advocates stated that their death rates and the infected rates are to be kept within their own community.