Rafale Jets All Set to Land in India on July 27

Rafale Jets All Set to Land in India on July 27
Rafale at Aero India 2017 Aksveer / CC BY-SA

Despite intense tension between India-China on Galvan Ghati, India’s Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh, managed to get at least four Rafale fighter jets. These jets are scheduled to be landed in India on July 27. 

Rafale jets will leave Istres and fly to French airbase in UAE and will then land in Ambala, Haryana, India. Till UAE, the French air refuellers will carry 2 mid-air fighters refueling. The reason why officials have decided to land the fighters in Ambala is to fly jets immediately to the Indo-China border if required. 

Sources say- “The date worked out between India and France is July 27 for the delivery of the aircraft. Four aircraft will come for sure while an attempt is being made to ensure that a total of six jets come,” 

As per the plan, the Rafale jets will start the journey from Istres, France, then will land on the French airbase in the AI Dhafra, UAE. On the next morning, the jets will be flying to Ambala, Haryana, where ‘Golden Arrows’ (IAF’s 17 Squadron) is based. 

“The fighters will be flown by Indian pilots and will fly straight for 10 hours (Al Dhafra). It will have a halt for the night and next day fly to Ambala,” revealed a source. 

Earlier, the plan was that the aircraft would land in several countries. This would have led pilots to quarantine themselves at each airbase. To avoid this, there have been a few changes in the overall plot. 

Now, the jets will carry at least two French airbus mid-air refuellers. On the way to the UAE, there would be two rounds of mid-air refueling. 

Another mid-air refueling will take place during the journey to Ambala, Haryana, India. Presently, IAF (Indian Air Force) pilots are under refueling training in France. Earlier, training the pilots was not part of the entire plan prepared. 

Witnessing the tense circumstances on the Indo-China border, the Indian Government has placed T-90 tanks on the border.