Rahane’s Game Puts Australians In Struggle

Rahane Century

India has not been performing well in the Cricket front and the last game where they have scored the least in History has paved way for harsh criticism and several memes. But it seems like things have changed, thanks to the brilliant captaincy and the marvellous Hundred that Ajinkya Rahane has scored in the recent game. This has fueled the confidence of the Indian Cricket team again and Rahe, himself scored his 12th Test Century. It can be openly said that the dedication, intuitive leadership of this young man has led to the 277/5 - India’s second day total. 

Adding to the existing excitement is the prominent support that Sir Ravindra Jadeja gave, propelling the team towards more runs. There was a lot of pressure on the team and several eyes were closely watching to point out mistakes. It was a tremendous effort from Rahane when the pressure was too high. His brilliant strokes, his leadership, the confidence he created in the heart’s of his fellow players, his smartness on field has led to the 82 run lead. Even after Mohammad Shammi’s injury and Virat Kohli’s departure, the team managed to do very well under Rahane’s captaincy. It won’t be wrong to state that he has proven to be a great Captain under King Kohli’s absence. 

It was quite fascinating to see Rahane walk to the grounds in a rather nervous stance, just like a teenager would do when he decides to play his first cricket match. Nobody would have thought that the man would give an impressive 100 knock and the Australians certainly didn’t expect the change of scenario. Now the dagger is hanging above the Aussie’s heads as the team seems to have reached a stable and ‘no-pressure’ zone. Both Jadeja and Rahane took to the safety tactic initially and found gaps to hit some impressive strokes. 

Even when Cummins and Mitchell Starc. Were in a mood for a wicket, the self-assured Captain played it cool and avoided blows that would have been definite wicket balls. Seems like the nervous walk was a facade and the man actually has a lot of courage and vigor hidden under the calm and subtle demeanor.