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Rajinikanth Requests Fans To Stop Pressuring Him To Rejoin Politics

Dani Charles Silverscreen Media Inc. (https://silverscreen.in), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The South Megastar, who is also worshipped as a God in some areas has now released a statement requesting people to stop pressuring him to rejoin politics. The star had been planning his political entry for the last 25 years now and was all set to release his party’s plan on 31st December 2020. However, considering the fact that the doctors advised him to stay away kept him from officially joining politics. The star had regretfully announced that he wouldn’t be starting his party, to the dismay of all his followers. Even political leaders were quite startled by the news, as they were all set on welcoming the star. 

The reason behind his sudden decision was said to be the fact that his immune system has been weakened due to a recent renal surgery. This leaves him extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic and was hence advised by the medical staff to avoid people and large conferences. Also, the extreme dust and heat would worsen his condition and keep him hospital bound, said the doctors. 

To avoid any health issues and to recover completely from his ailments, the star decided to avoid politics completely. He said that this was a now or never moment and that he would never be joining politics again. This has led a lot of his fans to send him messages and tweets requesting him to rejoin politics. The star has a lot of fan base and is loved generously by people. 

Taking that into consideration, he has requested his fans to understand his condition and to stop pressuring him. The star is himself dismayed and wishes he could do better but his health is keeping him away, said sources close to Rajnikanth. 

The star has acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and even Hindi films. He has a stellar career consisting of solid hits that led him to be known as the biggest superstar of South India. His Bollywood debut was also appreciated generously and Robot was a super hit film where he starred alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachan. However, as of now he is resting and taking care of himself.