Rebel Wilson, Adele and Lizzo’s fitness is a Personal Choice

Rebel Wilson, Adele and Lizzo’s fitness is a Personal Choice

Celebrities and their body image is something that everyone first notices, and this has been the culture for years. Women in the spotlight who think of sharing their experience on weight loss are usually critiqued saying thin is better and those who enjoy the way they are or love to flaunt their curves have been labeled as unhealthy. 

It’s time to stop saying things that are a personal choice and should try to stop policing women’s bodies. 

 The Australian actress, comedian, writer, and producer, said she was always a plus-size woman who has been struggling to manage comments about her body image, fat shaming which makes it difficult for her to accept her body.  

 It had a huge bucket of comments when Wilson announced that this year is going to be about her health. People go bizarre when some celebrity says about fitness or posts about their transformation pictures on social media.

Passing inspection on actresses who lose or gain weight is an unpropitious entertainment that has been seen on social media which is difficult to quit it seems.

Adele: Her current physical transformation sparked appreciation, eye rolls and accusations like that she has become too thin. When she was first recognized as a singer and songwriter, she also had comments like she was too big. Let’s focus on what she brings to the table than her personal health preferences.

Melissa McCarthy: The previous “Gilmore Girls” actress practised her skill of being zaftig to begin a plus-size clothing line years before. The American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and fashion designer had posted about shedding a few pounds on Twitter which was questioned if she would still remain as funny as a thin woman.

Lizzo a.k.a Melissa Viviane Jefferson: She as a singer has altogether embraced her fullness, which led to many people to sign her up as the poster woman for big-girl acceptance. But she ignores such reality and says she could be successful at any size.

Let their personal fitness be not judged on a public weighing scale, Be it a public announcement or a personal choice that the actresses make.