Republican Party Renominates Donald Trump For US Elections Against Democrat Joe Biden

Republican Party Renominates Donald Trump For US Elections Against Democrat Joe Biden

Photo By: Andy Morataya

On Monday, the republican party renominated President Donald Trump for upcoming US elections in the White House. This was one of the eminent actions of the GOP convention, which was kept a low key affair due to pandemic circumstances. 

President Trump made sure to reduce the gathering, and its impact was clearly visible on the proceedings taking place in Charlotte. Instead of thousands gathering there for coverage, there were only 336 delegates who participated in the roll-call vote from a Charlotte Convention Center Ballroom. 

Earlier, the convention renominated Mike Pence as the Vice President, and then he thanked the delegates personally. 

Pence said- “The choice in this election has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

He added- “We’re going to make American great again. Again.” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Later, Ronna McDaniel, Party Chair, began the proceedings and said- “We are obviously disappointed we could not hold this event in the same way we had originally planned,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

In the event, several trappings of a convention were there, including gift bags, signs referring to different states with a tinge of Republican style. The chairs in the ballroom were kept in the distance, and organizers asked everyone to wear masks. 

McDaniel continued with her speech and highlighted the contrasts supported by some facts. Further, she accused Joe Biden of embracing a radical left agenda and dragging Democrats’ efforts to illustrate Biden’s kindness. 

She said- “The truth is there’s only one person who has empathized with everyday Americans and actually been fighting for them every single day over the past four years, and that’s President Donald J. Trump,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

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