Rest of Europe Shutting Its Borders To Britain As Coronavirus Spreads In The Country

Coronavirus Europe Britain
Image by butti_s from Pixabay

While the United Kingdom had started to roll out its vaccines to its citizens, hopeful to curb and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the winter caught on to the country faster, at lightning speed, and brought along with it a second wave of the virus. 

A day after Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new strict lockdown in London and its surrounding counties, European countries, particularly the ones bordering the UK have begun shutting off their borders to travellers from the UK.

While the Nordic countries in Europe - Finland, Norway and Denmark, with easier restrictions have managed to smoothly slow down the rate of infections within their regions, Britain has seen a rapid spread of the infection through the country. 

These new restrictions in England which have technically quarantined the entire country from the rest of the continent, are the strictest lockdown rules the UK has seen since the first lockdown in March. 

Italy and the Netherlands have announced that they are suspending flights from Britain. Belgium is closing its borders to flights and trains from the UK, including their famous Eurostar service. Germany, dealing with their own surge in the coronavirus has also sealed off borders for flights coming in from England. Similar bans have been announced by France, Ireland and Austria. 

It has been announced that police will increase in populated areas like railways stations to ensure that people are only there for essential travels. 

Scientists are now confirming that it will not be uncommon for the coronavirus to spread its mutations and that a bunch of other countries are dealing with these viral mutations. Research continues, and so does the hope for an end to this pandemic. 

Amidst the chaos of the surge in Covid-19 cases, Britain is also dealing with the negotiations of the Brexit deal, since the UK is set to finalise the clauses and officially enforce Brexit by Dec 31st, 2020.