Russia Expels Diplomats after they turn Pro- Navalny

Russia Pro-Navanly
Sergey Korneev, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Three European Diplomats from Polland, Sweden, and Germany were arrested after they were reportedly seen supporting the Protests conducted by Alexei Navalny. Navalny is a very vehement critic of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. He was jailed the previous week for conducting protests and gatherings that are opposed by the Putin government.

The three diplomats were in support of the protests and were expelled for being a part of the ‘illegal demonstrations’ on 23rd January. Along with the Diplomats’ Home countries, UK, France, and the EU have also condemned the expulsions. 

The news about the expulsion was announced after the European Foreign Affairs Chief Josep Morell and Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrow met in Moscow. The people also condemned the arrest of Alexei and several also took part in the protests that happened on 23rd and 31st January. However, the government was taking things pretty seriously thousands of people were detained and arrested for being part of the controversial protests. 

Germany stated that the explosion of their diplomat is not justified and similar reactions were received from Sweden and Polland.  Sweden said that there weren’t any proper pieces of evidence to state that their Diplomat was a part of the protests. Poland said that this expulsion along with the on-going protests will further deepen the tensions and destroy the bilateral ties between Russia and other countries. 

On behalf of the EU, Mr. Borrell came out to say that they strongly condemn and criticize the decision of the Russian Government to expel the diplomats. They rejected the allegations that the diplomats were doing anything out of their responsibilities as the Foreign Diplomats. 

This expulsion can attract Foreign diplomats expulsion from Germany and Sweden’s side as well, as retaliation to what happened with their men. The Respective Russian ambassadors were summoned to talk about the situation. The Russians have a very strong head about the issue and have decided to do what they think is the best in the current scenario. It was a little shocking to know that they have chosen to expel the diplomats when Mr.Josep Borrell was in town.