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Saudi Arabia And Qatar Bury Their Age Long Feud

Saudi Arabia And Qatar
The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Ahmad Thamer Al Kuwari, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been at loggerheads and showing cold shoulders to each other for a while now. However, baby steps have been taken to bury the enmity and the beginning came from Kuwait’s side. Kuwait’s State News Agency quoted the Country’s Foreign Minister saying that the borders and airspace between Saudi Arabia and Qatar would be reopened again. This is going to take place from next week, Monday.

The Middle East did see an atmosphere of feud between Suadi Arabia and Qatar and this has lasted for as long as 3 years. The Kuwait government has come up and announced that the sea, air and border links will be reopened and shared with Qatar again, making efforts to bury the hatchet.

This decision has come up right before Saudi Arabia was preparing to host an annual summit of Persian Gulf States. The media reached out to the official spokespersons of the country but failed to receive an input from them. The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salmaan said that the step was to create ‘unification’ and ‘solidarity’ among neighbors especially when the region is going through a lot. This is a direct reference to the COVID condition and the human loss.

Three years ago, the Arab countries leaders by Saudi Arabia have broken their ties with Qatar, stating that the country is promoting terrorists and supporting them. An economic blockade was imposed on Qatar by countries that included UAE, Egypt and Bahrain - all of them who stopped sea, land and air connections with the Country. The rift was so intense that even the US tried to reduce the complications between the Middle Eastern regions.

Qatar also happens to hold the US Military’s Central Command zone and declined to accept the other country’s claim that they support terrorist organisations. But Qatar’s subtle lending hands to terrorist groups of the region, and also hosted the Al Jazeera News Channel - both of which have been major concerns for the Saudi Arabians and their allies. 

Seems like the fire has finally subsided and the different countries are finally seeing eye to eye.