Second Debate Between Trump and Biden Canceled

Trump and Biden

Images by Gage Skidmore

The Commission decided on Friday that a virtual Presidential debate will be cancelled between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the President refused to opt for a virtual discussion even after he was diagnosed with Covid-19.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the decision was taken over a 48-hours to and fro between the campaigns and the commission. The October 22 debate in Nashville between Trump and Joe Biden is going to be the final meeting before the election day.

The commission published a statement that no debate will be held on October 15 and all the energies are to be put for the closing presidential debate which is scheduled on October 22.

The Commission had declared on Thursday morning regarding the next debate which was scheduled to happen in Miami will be done virtually keeping the President’s health in mind. Both the two candidates can appear remotely from their respective locations for a virtual debate. But Donald Trump declined the plan and also said that he would not show up which will set off several events for the future in enigmas.

A Biden spokeswoman said after Trump had rejected the arrangement that they would have agreed for a virtual debate which was to be scheduled on next Thursday, but as the President has bailed out, the former vice-president will book another session to take up questions. Later that day, there was an announcement that Joe Biden would be hosting a town hall to address the queries.

The Trump campaign also issued three statements on Thursday regarding their candidate backing out. They slammed the commission by stating to push the 2nd debate by a week and conduct on October 22 and let the third debate be on October 29 which will be just before the election on November 3.

Discussions among the campaigns and the commission on Friday did nothing to alter the reality that the possibility of a Miami debate was flat.