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Shots Fired At Pakistan Drone Near Punjab Border - 11 Pak-Made Hand Grenades Seized

Pakistan Drone Shots Fired

Five days after they busted a drone module with global linkages in Amritsar (Rural) locale, the Punjab Security Forces have seized 11 hand grenades suspected to have been dropped by a drone flying in from across the Pakistan border on the evening of December 19, which was locked in and shot at by the police and Border Security Force (BSF) staff near the fringe in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Four drones, one somewhat built drone, video transmitter framework, drone equipment and other vital proof have been recuperated for the situation, in which agents so far have uncovered key linkages between Pakistan-based substances who were effectively engaged with the most recent robot module just as the prior two modules. further specialized examination and examination is being directed to disentangle the nexus of the charged with Pakistan-based bootleggers, incorporating their connections with assailant outfits. 

The Arges Type HG 84 series anti-personnel fragmentation hand grenade is Austrian in nature. It is a conventional hand grenade system designed to inflict massive damage against soft targets within its blast radius, spraying shrapnel out to a distance of 30 meters at speed. 

This is not the first instance of Pakistani terror groups and the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) have used drones carrying arms and explosives into the Indian subcontinent. An Indian official mentioned that “lately, the drones have been getting bigger and more powerful, triggering concerns that these could not only be used to carry larger quantities of arms, but also rain explosives at security camps and border areas. 

The main aim, it is speculated, of such operations by Pakistan is to improve the capacity of the ISI to supply weapons for Khalistani terror groups as well as its groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

A case under various sections of the Explosive Substances Act has been registered at PS Dorangla, district Gurdaspur, and further investigations are in progress, said DGP Dinkar Gupta.