Singapore Businesses Getting Ready For Post-Pandemic World

Singapore Businesses Getting Ready For Post-Pandemic World

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The emerging businesses in Singapore, especially from the technology, retail, and food industry, are adopting business transformation methods to bring a change in the post-pandemic world. 

Regarding this, CNBC had a word with the three millennial entrepreneurs who have come up with a new approach to define the world of business post coronavirus pandemic. 

The co-founder and CEO of Vertical Urban Farm said that they are taking maximum help from the indoor environment by enabling the use of non-native products to grow in control. Further, he said- “Sustenir’s vision is to actually grow a more resilient future,” Source: CNBC. 

He continued- “Singaporeans became a lot more aware about where their produce was coming from,” Source: CNBC. 

“There’s a big focus now on how do we get our productivity up.” He added— Source: CNBC. 

At present, less than 10% of Singapore’s nutritional requirements are produced and manufactured through the land-scarce country. And that’s lesser in area than New York City. 

Another entrepreneur who has come up with a unique concept of dealing with the challenges of surviving in the business, Benjamin Swam, came forward with his business approach and got appreciation from the Prime Minister itself. 

Soon after this, he tweeted- “Honoured to be featured in Prime Minister @leehsienloong’s post. It’s always great to partner with a country that values forward thinking. Looking forward to further growing the Singapore agritech business and taking the country #astepcloser to sustainable living.” Source: Twitter. 

Explaining his idea, Swan said- “Because our system can literally retrofit into any building in the world, we do want to be, eventually, in every major city across the world,” Source: CNBC. 

Further, he added- “Maybe even one day we could consider exporting certain produce into our neighboring countries.” Source: CNBC. 

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