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Storm Alex hits France and Italy

Storm Alex hits France and Italy

The destructive Storm Alex has caused heavy rains and with deadly flash floods in north-western Italy and south-eastern France.

Storm Alex destroyed coastal areas on the French Riviera with long stretches of beaches scattered with Storm Debris. Heavy rains have caused floods killing at least seven people on both sides of the border.

It has damaged dozens of residences and wiped away roads in a mountain region near the border. Meantime, rescue workers climbed up their search drills amid doubts that over 20 people are missing. On October 5, French officials announced three more bodies were found in Nice, taking the death toll in France to four and three people have been killed in Italy.

Storm Alex Updates

Almost 1,000 firefighters, with helicopters and soldiers, are deployed to the Alpes-Maritimes region in France.

An exploration is undertaken for eight people who have been dragged away by the floodwaters.

This also includes two firefighters whose vehicle got washed away near the village of Saint-Martin-Vesubie, when a road collapsed.

In several French villages on the border, landslides blanketed roads and buildings in mud and cars were left buried in the slurry.

In all, firefighters have saved over 500 people in the Alpes-Maritimes region with about 150 still requiring to be evacuated.

President Emmanuel Macron announced on October 5, will be visiting the area and the government has declared the region as a natural disaster zone.

The Piedmont region experienced rains which have not been seen since 1958, with one village hit by a record 630mm (24.8ins) of rain in just 24 hours.

In the rest of Piedmont, the rains have cut off several villages as the roads have become very critical to venture.

On Sunday, power blackouts have hit villages on both sides of the border, and about 10,500 homes are left without electricity.

Landline and some mobile phone services have also been disturbed, pointing to concerns that more numerous people are missing.