Is Street Vendors Market the New Solution to the Job Crisis in China?

Is Street Vendors Market the New Solution to the Job Crisis in China?
Image From Francisco Anzola / CC BY

For decades, China has been supporting its manufacturing and technology businesses to welcome development in the country. And now, the country has been scrutinizing quick and easy solutions to the rapidly increasing job crisis circumstances nationwide. Somewhere, these aspects have unraveled the division in Beijing too. 

These issues came into the limelight last month when President Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, the Chinese Premier (the second-highest-ranking official in China), appreciated Chengdu for emerging more than 100,000 jobs overnight through street vending businesses. These stalls sell clothes, vegetables, food, toys, etc. to eradicate unemployment from the nation while uplifting the local market profit bars. 

During an annual political get together in Beijing, Li said that the government require to develop more job opportunities by “breaking through stereotypes,” 

“China has a labor force of 900 million. Without jobs, there are 900 million mouths that need to be fed. With jobs, there are 900 million pairs of hands that can create enormous wealth.” He added. 

In the political meeting, Li Keqiang presented a government work report illustrating the need to have more and more “mobile vendors.” The report mentioned all the major priorities of Beijing for the entire year.   

In the past decade, it was for the first time when China’s GDP shrank between January to March 2020. In addition to this, the overall unemployment rate has worsened since the beginning of the corona pandemic. As per a recently prepared report, there are more than 80 million people who have already lost their earning sources in the past few months. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chinese government used to create more than 11 million jobs annually to maintain the nation’s employment rate. 

In Beijing Daily, (an official newspaper of the city’s government) published a few articles referring to street stalls as obstructive, tarnishing, and extremely noisy. The reports stated the stalls are ruining “the capital city’s image and the nation’s image.”