Study Says the Himalayas Have An Aerosol Effect

Aerosols help to either cool or warm the atmosphere and their actions are so diverse that it becomes difficult to comprehend their actual functions. Some would even help the clouds to last longer while the others shoo them away within seconds. They do have a beneficiary effect on life and that’s all we can say for surety. Most of the aerosols are natural while some man-made ones exist too.

Scientists have kept a close watch on the nature and course of the wind that blows from above the Everest and other Himalayan terrains and the studies now say that they act as ‘Aerosol Factories’. The observations were made from the Nepal Climate observatory Pyramid station which is 5079 meters above the sea level and only a few kilometres away from the summit. 

The panel of scientists consisted of people from Switzerland, US, China, France, Finland, Italy, and Estonia. They published their findings in the ‘Nature Geoscience’ the previous week, strongly stating that the winds have an aerosol function around the himalayan region. 

Federico Bianchi, one of Finland’s leading authors who dwells in these issues has stated that the plants of the himalayan regions release gases that travel to the top of the summit, combine with the air there (oxidants that linger in the air) and finally form tiny particles. The trees, plants act as processes to form the tiny particles that ultimately shape the Aerosol factory system in the Himalayan region. 

The Aerosol particle generation is not an immediate process and it is carried out carefully, slowly and diligently by nature's forces. Initially, the particles are only 1-2 nanometers in size but by the time they travel and reach the higher altitudes, they size up to about 50-100 nanometers and they attract clouds to the particular region or send them away in certain cases. 

The group of scientists have noticed this behaviour of the winds and the effect of the Aerosol particles on the weather around the place and the reports are quite fascinating for all the environment enthusiasts across the globe.